In 1987 Wayne began training in Grand Master Kim Pyung Soo's Chayon-Ryu system.  Grand Master Kim had created Chayon-Ryu as an integrated martial art consisting of pre-sport Tae Kwon Do, Shorin Ryu Karate, Okinawa-te, Northern Shaolin Chun’fa (Kung-fu), Hapkido and Judo. In 1991 his first teacher, Master John Blankenship, added the Chinese arts of Hung Gar, Pekua and Guang Ping Tai Chi to the curriculum.

By 2008 he was Master Blankenship’s fourth most senior student with a wide range of experience including  20 years of teaching adults and children all aspects of the Arts. The specifics ranged from forms and kata, to competitive sparring, to fitness, to practical self defense and a vast array of both formal and informal exercises. Also, included was Chi Gung (Qigong)  and the experience of over 2 decades of meditation.

Over his years in the Arts he has received trophies and multiple black belt awards as well as 3 teaching certificates from Master Tai Chi practitioner Dr. Paul Lam. He has also had the privilege of working with police officers, army rangers, navy seals, SWAT team members and trainers.

Today, with over 30 years in the Arts and degrees in both psychology and philosophy he continues this path by learning, training and teaching full time.  He is the Chief Instructor for Karate and Martial Arts here at Kula Karate. He teaches children’s and adult’s karate classes as well as Tai Chi for health and wellness. His popular Essentials of Self Defense workshops have introduced hundreds to the mental and physical skills crucial to personal and family self defense.

Breakthrough 2017 Success!
Master Wayne Key, Chief Instructor of Austin Kula Karate, broke 32 one inch pine boards in 22 Seconds. The lesson in Breakthrough 2017 is that when we put in the necessary time and effort the seemingly impossible can be very possible. Through your donations we have nearly $500 for Safe. Thank you all for your support.