Austin Kula Yoga is amazing! I attended the 8 am "Yoga Strong" class taught by Emily. The class integrates weights into traditional yoga. It really was a workout! Often times I do not find myself challenged by the classes I take, but this class challenged me just enough! The instructor, Emily, was very helpful. She really made sure that everyone was doing the poses and using the weights correctly.

Great class I will be back!



This is THE yoga studio in west Austin / Tarrytown.  Classes for all levels, kids and family classes, karate for kids, and friendly staff.  There are also a wide variety of summer and after school camps for kids.  And they've done a great remodel recently as well.



How have I lived here for eight years and I am just now getting around to trying this amazing studio?  It is everything I want in a yoga studio:

1) In an great area of town
2) Extremely welcoming environment
3) Kid friendly
4) Intimate
5) Amazing, body and soul fulfilling classes
6) Very reasonable pricing



I've been doing yoga since 2003, on the instructions of my orthopedic surgeon.  I've tried several different yoga studios, both at gyms and standalone.

Kula is the best yoga studio I've found.   I'm a man, and not particularly flexible at that.  And while I've been doing yoga for some time, I haven't done a lot of other exercise. In addition to what I'll call "regular" yoga, Kula offers a few real "workout yoga" classes (core yoga and hip hop yoga), combining both the stretching / flexibility of yoga and the activity of a solid aerobic workout with strength training included for good measure.  It is definitely the best all around workout I've ever experienced, and whenever I don't go for a while, I find myself slipping more out of shape.

The classes have students with a variety of capabilities - several other yoga instructors, from other studios are in the classes, along with me, who might be considered the comic relief (although no one ever makes me feel that way except myself)...  Meg (the instructor) ensures everyone feels comfortable with what they are capable of, and challenges the entire spectrum to improve their own capabilities.

The children's classes are also incredible.  This is one of the few places where my son, who has ADHD is really able to be calm and concentrate, and Amy, one of the kids' teachers, helps him be better both in and out of the studio.

I'd recommend this studio to anyone, no matter their life situation or yoga ability.



I will have to admit that Kula is the first yoga studio that I've been to. But I still have to give my 5-star shout out, because first time was a charm when it came time for me to find a place to get my yoga on. 

Kula offers a wide variety of classes for differing interests and skill levels. I opted to start by taking an 8 week beginner course with Connie, and now continue to take her ongoing  twice-weekly classes. I've also dropped in on some prenatal yoga and prenatal fit classes, both of which were great! 

The instructors and staff here are so supportive and always take an individual interest in each class member. They also keep the needs of the community in mind and offer classes for kids, teenagers, signing classes for the hearing impaired, and much more.



Lovelovelove this yoga studio.  Meg teaches the Saturday morning hip-hop yoga class and it's always packed.  The music is great and the workout is even better.  I've also been to a Vinyasa Flow and Hatha class.  At the Hatha class there were members from the community learning how to sign the yoga classes to make them accessible to the deaf community and in the Vinyasa class there were teenagers for a mixed-age class. 

Kula offers PE credit for high schoolers (wish that was around when I was a kid!) and tons of prenatal workshops.  They're an amazing community resource.



I went on a friend's recommendation, and it was amazing. I walked and was greeted by Susan, a very friendly participant and teacher.

They offer Kundalini classes every Friday from noon-1pm on a donation basis. That's right whatever you think is appropriate.

The instructor Greg is extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher. He conducts the class at a steady pace that allows even a novice like myself to participate and learn lots of new meditations and breathing exercises.

After the class we had a 5 minute cool-down session where we lie down, relax, and enjoy some great ambient music. To top it all off, they gave us some really great apple-cinnamon tea to help calm the mind, spirit and body.

Sat Nam.



This place is awesome. A friend had tried the prenatal yoga class and told me about it. I tried it yesterday and really enjoyed it. The teacher was really nice and she asked everyone at the beginning of class if there was anything specific bothering them so that she could work on it. The class was only about 5 people but I was told sometimes it gets a little larger. I felt like I got a real workout even though it was modified for pregnancy. After class they have a little area to sit and relax for a second with really good tea and chocolates. They have a ton of different classes and some for children as well. the prices seemed really reasonable to me as well. It seems weird but I left there almost as relaxed as if I had just gotten a massage.



This is the best yoga place in Austin for events and workshops, hands down.  Follow them on Facebook so you can truly see everything they are up to!  They have special classes and fundraising classes and detox clinics and all sorts of great stuff!



Thank you, Austin Kula Yoga!  I've been going for 4 years now, and you have completely transformed my life.  My outlook is better, my body is stronger, and I feel grounded in a way I never have before.  I take a variety of classes, depending on what I need that week---restorative or yin if I'm stressed, early risers if I want to get a 6am jump on things, hatha if I want to work on alignment, flow or hip hop if i want a workout.  I don't have kids, but I see the families in there together so I've recommended it to my sister.  I highly rec'd Kula!



Austin Kula is a small, very kid-friendly yoga studio in the Tarrytown neighborhood. It's close to my office, and I have tried core yoga and prenatal yoga. The classes are usually very small, and the instructors have been good so far. They also offer mom & baby classes and vinyasa flow with baby, so I'll be back post-delivery too.



Went on my sister's recommendation and loved it. Everyone was so nice and the class really was for everyone at all levels. Loved it!