Yoga and pregnancy seem to fit together naturally. The flowing movements help to tone and stimulate the muscles and bones without depleting energy, the seated poses nourish tissues and organs and help to focus your mind, and the breathing exercises teach you how to remain calm and open in the face of vulnerability, stress, and states of flux. All of these aspects of a Yoga practice can enhance the experience of pregnancy and give you tools for labor, delivery and beyond. The yoga sequences and exercises create space in the body for your baby to grow, relieve common prenatal concerns, and prepare your state of mind for the changes ahead. This flow class may challenge you but as always there are modifications for every stage of your pregnancy. Beginners up to advanced welcome. Saturday 10:30 am





Come experience yoga with your baby. This postnatal class offers all the benefits of a regular yoga class as you inch your way back into your normal routine. The teacher assists students in various poses, while you interact with your little one throughout—a perfect opportunity to both bond with your baby and experience some necessary “me” time.






Come join us for an energizing flow! Bring your little one and experience yoga together, and separately, and at the same time. Poses are chosen to promote strength, flexibility, mental clarity, and calmness. This class also provides a very loving, community atmosphere for mothers with young children. Beginners up to advanced welcome. Sign up on-line today.