Frequently Asked Questions at Austin Kula Karate



  • The physical training allows your Kula Kid to let off some steam (especially if they had a bad day)
  • Promote self-control and discipline
  • Helps develop self-esteem, self-confidence, and a positive body image
  • Austin Kula Karate trains the body as well as the mind- encouraging children to think, study, and act more logically. 
  • Promote sense of respect towards all things
  • Teach leadership skills
  • Consists of lots of physical activity to maintain health


How do I prepare for my first Kula Karate class?

  • Have a healthy snack and fluids
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Parents can stay or drop off
  • Kula Karate uniforms are required
  • You will train barefoot, no special shoes required 


Do I have to wear a uniform?
Yes.  Uniforms are mandatory.  
They are available for $50 at our online store or email 
Kula will have your uniform and belt ready for you the first day of class.
Some kids wear comfy clothes underneath their uniform, some do not, both are acceptable.
We recommend washing your new uniform and belt to soften up their starchy feel. Students should show respect for their uniforms.  They should be kept clean and neat at all times.
Uniform and belt should be worn to every class. 

What is the Do Jon Hun?  It is our Kula Karate Oath, we recommend your child knows it and lives by it:
Do Jon Hun
-Seek perfection of character
-Live the way of truth
-Be faithful
-Respect others
-Refrain from violent behavior

Do you have classes on holidays?  In general we follow the AISD school calendar, if AISD is closed for a holiday, Kula is closed as well.
Will karate make my child violent?  No. In fact, martial arts makes children calmer and more respectful.

Can my child get injured with karate?

It can be a possibility. Injuries can occur sometimes but at Austin Kula Karate we do everything in our power to avoid them. We do special exercises and stretches to make your child’s body limber and prepared. We are ALWAYS keeping a close eye to keep your child safe. 

My child isn’t athletic. Can he/she still participate in Austin Kula Karate? 

Coordination, flexibility, and strength are all skills that we aim to cultivate and promote throughout any martial arts session. 


Why should my child do Austin Kula karate? 

Unlike other sports, martial arts is a lifestyle. Training focuses on the whole child development - intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. It can even help assuage some behavioral problems your child may have at home – by instilling discipline and pride. 

How does your Belt system work?

The color belts system is:
White with one Orange Stripe
White with two Orange Stripes
Orange Belt
Orange Belt with one Yellow Stripe
Orange Belt with two Yellow Stripes
Yellow Belt
Yellow Belt with one Green Stripe
Yellow Belt with two Green Stripes
Green Belt
Green Belt with one Blue Stripe
Green Belt with two Blue Stripes
Blue Belt
Blue Belt with one Purple Stripe
Blue Belt with two Purple Stripes
Purple Belt
Purple Belt with one Brown Stripe
Purple Belt with two Brown Stripes
Brown Belt
Brown Belt with one Black Stripe
Brown Belt with two Black Stripes
Black Belt  
It takes approximately 15 classes to earn one stripe or to move up one level.