Brook Garza

Brook Garza instructs the following:
  • Mondays at Mathews Elementary Fall 2018
  • Imagine your child building their confidence, improving their concentration, developing social skills all while training in martial arts learning self defense.
    Austin Kula Karate’s successful formula of self-discipline, hard work and fun will inspire your child to set goals and persevere to reach them. Starting with their White Belt your child will become physically stronger, faster, flexible and coordinated. At the end of this session your child will rank up, moving them one level closer to achieving the ultimate goal of Black Belt.
    Austin Kula Karate strives to bring out your child’s highest potential in school, in Karate, and in life.

    All levels and grades are invited.

    Classes are held Monday after school in Gym. First time Ninjas sign-up today and receive a free uniform ($60 value)

    Tuition: $349