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Kula Karate Students & Demo Team at Highland Park Elementary's 2017 International Arts Extravaganza

Kula Loves Bryker Woods Elementary

Kula at Mathews Elementary Octoberama

After School Karate for Kids

Casis Track & Heal Day

Austin Kula Karate loves 
Casis, Highland Park, Bryker Woods, Mathews, Brentwood, Gullett, Doss, Ridgetop, Lee and Pease Elementary. Martial Arts for Kids!



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Saturday Sparring Workshop 
All Levels

An informative and action packed training where all levels will learn the basic fundamentals of sparring in a safe and regulated environment. Sparring gives your child the opportunity to use the techniques they are learning in their weekly class in a timed, supervised, one on one match using kicks, blocks, punches, and avoiding techniques. Your child will come home exhausted and exhilarated. Sparring gear is required and available for purchase at our online store or email

Saturday, Dec 9th, 1:00 - 2:30 pm
Tuition: $30 Tarrytown location
Sparring Sign-up